Reader. Reviewer. BookTuber.

About Me

Hi, Readers!

Thank you for taking an interest in this blog, an extension of my BookTube Channel,

More about me from BookTube Tag Videos:

I decided to create a traditional blog to extend the content I was producing on YouTube. Everyone knows, there’s only so much you can say in a YouTube video before people become bored! Even me! So this blog will expand on the ideas and opinions I initiate on YouTube. For instance, I try to keep all of my book review videos Spoiler-Free, but here, in a more user controlled setting, I plan to give you ALL the goods on every book that I read. I’m starting with my backlogged content and moving forward from here. It has been an awesome three months on BookTube and I can’t wait to start this new project!

On a personal note…

I am currently living in Michigan with my fiancé. We’ll be tying the knot in just a couple short months! I have a full-time day job that I happen to love and a full-time hobby that I love just as much! But if I’m not working, or vlogging, or blogging, then chances are I’m either adding to my fine art photography portfolio, rocking out at a concert (the louder, the better), or engrossed in an episode of SuperNatural!

Thank you for reading and watching!


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