The Whisper Man is an elegant, beautiful, tragic crime thriller that has restored my faith in the genre.
The book is deeply character and relationship-driven. Tom Kennedy and son Jake are lifelike and relatable which serves to better convey the loneliness, grief, hope, and fears that propel the reader through the book. They are new favorites among recent characters I’ve read.
Alex North does an incredible job of painting a portrait of fatherhood amidst a frightening serial killer storyline. I don’t often take notice of an author’s writing unless it is so unusual that it pulls me out of the story in some way. While it was never distracting, I found myself frequently admiring the author’s abilities throughout this experience.
I did feel as though the atmosphere shifted near the middle of the book, after the first major plot reveal. At which point some of the mysteriousness seemed to dissipate and it moved forward like most crime thrillers. Until that point, however, this book was impressively chilling and heartbreaking.

Thank you to BookishFirst and Celadon Books for this advanced review copy!