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“Two sisters raised in fear are about to find out why in a chilling novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Thinnest Air.”

“Ignorant of civilization and cautioned against its evils, nineteen-year-old Wren and her two sisters, Sage and Evie, were raised in off-the-grid isolation in a primitive cabin in upstate New York. When the youngest grows gravely ill, their mother leaves with the child to get help from a nearby town. And they never return.
As months pass, hope vanishes. Supplies are low. Livestock are dying. A brutal winter is bearing down. Then comes the stranger. He claims to be looking for the girls’ mother, and he’s not leaving without them.
To escape, Wren and her sister must break the rule they’ve grown up with: never go beyond the forest.
Past the thicket of dread, they come upon a house on the other side of the pines. This is where Wren and Sage must confront something more chilling than the unknowable. They’ll discover what’s been hidden from them, what they’re running from, and the secrets that have left them in the dark their entire lives.”

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

The Stillwater Girls won me over with its description of two young girls being raised secluded from the outside world and the potential repercussions of finding out their lives were a lie. Unfortunately, while the book has a strong concept, it lacks density. The plot is weak, at times contrived, and the last half feels forced and rushed. Considering the book is only around 250 pages, it’s obvious how much room there was for the author to further nourish this novel. Instead, the skeleton of a decent story was published as a finished product. Quite disappointing.