Visit Page Habit

The Pros: 
1. The featured books are annotated in the author’s own words.
2. The author pens a letter to the Page Habit subscribers to accompany their book.
3. You can narrow down the likelihood of getting a book you’ll enjoy by selecting your favorite genre.
4. Portions of each month’s sales are donated to various literacy efforts throughout the world.

The Cons:
1. The boxes seem to feature relatively obscure titles, mostly from debut authors.
2. The horror box contained a book that I’ve yet to see classified as horror on sites such as Amazon & Goodreads.
3. The bookish extras were sad and unuseful
4. Both boxes contained the exact same bookish extras! Pointless if you’d like to subscribe to more than one box per month!
5. The subscription is expensive compared to other companies. I paid 35.00 USD for the first box and 30.00 USD for the second box.

Overall, I’d say that Page Habit slightly misses the mark. While I have great respect for the authors who contribute their work and their time to the Page Habit process, I think that Page Habit drops the ball after that. The extras included in the boxes either need to be more appealing and genre-specific or the price of the box needs to come down.

I feel as though I paid 65.00 for three books and only one of which I think I may have actually purchased if I saw them available for sale. That’s over 20.00 a book! I don’t pay 20.00 for books that I really really want!!

Needless to say, I canceled straight away.