The Ones Who Got Away

From Amazon:
It’s been twelve years since tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School. Only a few students survived that fateful night—a group the media dubbed The Ones Who Got Away.

Liv Arias thought she’d never return to Long Acre—until a documentary brings her and the other survivors back home. Suddenly her old flame, Finn Dorsey, is closer than ever, and their attraction is still white-hot. When a searing kiss reignites their passion, Liv realizes this rough-around-the-edges cop might be exactly what she needs…

The Ones Who Got Away series:
The Ones Who Got Away (Book 1)
The Ones You Can’t Forget (Book 2)
The One You Can Fight For (Book 3)

I’m jealous of Roni Loren. There have been plenty of times when I’ve wanted to write about something controversial or craft a work of fiction around an event that was ultimately tragic to our country or communities. Yet, I’ve never had the guts.

Roni Loren not only writes about such an event in The Ones Who Got Away, but she writes about it well. The author preserves the dignity of those potentially affected by such an event while also writing frankly and fearlessly about the details and the pain left in the wake.

Liv and Finn are both truly likable characters. Likewise, even the secondary characters that the reader assumes will become the creators of conflict end up actually being likable. I think that was really important for this book. Instead of typical gossipy or dramatic conflict from other characters, this group actually has a maturity worthy of dignified survivors and their behavior reinforces the tendency of survivors to stick together. People are never more unified than they are after suffering the same tragedy. The relationships between the primary and secondary characters in The Ones Who Got Away are very true to what I imagine happens in our real world.

In my video review, I speak up about this contemporary romance being more profound than most of the others I have read. I stand by that statement. I feel like a lot of respectful thought went into this novel on the part of Roni Loren and the book she’s given us is manifests that same respectful thoughtfulness in the reader.