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I Am Not a Serial Killer

Get ready for the most lovable little sociopath you’ve ever met!
John Wayne Cleaver is destined to be a serial killer, at least, that is what he believes. He shares a name with a famous serial killer, he is quite literally the son of Sam, and he really enjoys fire. The problem is, John doesn’t really want to be a serial killer and has constructed a life of strict rules in order to avoid any… tendencies.

  1. If you become obsessed with or begin displaying stalker-like behavior toward one particular individual, you are forbidden from seeing that individual for at least one week.
  2. Anytime you get angry and envision hacking someone up into tiny pieces, pay that someone a compliment instead.
  3. Never, ever let the monster out to play.

All is well until a serial killer targets John’s small town and he’s not only fascinated to the point of weirdo status, but he may actually be the only town resident equipped to stop the killer.


First and foremost, don’t be fooled. This is not a typical serial killer storyline. There is a very supernatural element to this book that took me by surprise and others have seen fit to complain about, so I’ve warned you.

I Am Not A Serial Killer actually pits teenage sociopath John against an unknown demon-like entity who needs to kill in order to replace his own decaying parts. Fascinating.

This book does what I want my horror novels to do which is to make me understand and empathize with characters that are somehow motivated to do bad things. As I’ve already mentioned, you will love John. And even if you don’t come to love the evil-demon-killer, you will certainly grow to understand why he’s eviscerating people.