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Hammers on Bone is the first of the Persons Non Grata duology. Coming in at just over 100 pages, this is a quick read that almost everyone will underestimate.
This is a really good book! In fact, I want it to be a longer book because the writing is so beautiful and I get the impression that the author had a really important point to convey or some really ugly demons to exorcise.

This is the story of John Persons who, on the surface, is a private investigator. One day, he’s minding his own business doing Private Investigator things when a ten-year-old boy enters John’s office and asks John to kill his step-father. John laughs at the outlandishness of the boy’s request, but the boy is convinced that his step-father is the kind of monster that will hurt him and his brother if not stopped. It’s a sincere enough plea to leave John curious enough to investigate.