I guess with Hockey season comes sports romance books about Hockey. I was approved to read 3.. yes, three of them within the last month or so, all from NetGalley.

It’s important to note, I’m a huge Hockey fan (GoHabsGo!)… but I don’t care much for sports romance. I’ve never been one to physically excel at anything so I don’t really connect with athletes on a mental or emotional level. I don’t have a ‘go-get-’em’, or a ‘win-win-win’, or even an ‘I’ll-give-it-a-try’ attitude. I’m really awesome at sleeping though. And reading. So whenever the Olympics come callin’ and want me to represent the sleeping or reading events, I promise that I will not let my country down.

Here are the books that I read in the order of least enjoyed to most enjoyed…

Breakaway  by Sophia Henry

This book was a mess. If you want to know exactly what happens through the whole thing, just read the synopsis. It gives everything away!

Slap Shot by Kelly Jamieson

Ok, so Slap Shot was slightly better. It was more enjoyable for sure and I was emotionally invested in the characters. I cared about them and whether or not they received their HEA. That said, the book wasn’t very original. But it did feature the most hockey out of the three!

Bad Reputation by Nicole Edwards

Thank you, Nicole Edwards. You rarely disappoint. I love Chase. I love Cassie. I love Vegas! What else is there to say?
Nicole Edwards writes those Alluring Indulgence books featuring those naughty brothers who manage to put the sex in sexuality. You know the ones.. Kaleb, Zane, Ethan, Sawyer, Brendan.. the Walkers.
Bad Reputation is a bit tamer than the other Nicole Edwards books I know and love but it still won the best September Hockey ARC award!