It all started when I unboxed my favorite book series by author, Kristen Ashley. This was exciting because I’d only ever owned digital copies of her books, but finally… FINALLY, I could page through my very own physical copies.

To celebrate, I decided to post one video for every Rock Chick book throughout one week of August. There are eight books, so from Sunday to Sunday, I ROCKED IT!

Day One: ROCK CHICK  The story of Indy and Lee

Day Two: ROCK CHICK: RESCUE  The story of Jet and Eddie

Day Three: ROCK CHICK: REDEMPTION  The story of Roxie and Hank

Day Four: ROCK CHICK: RENEGADE  The story of Jules and Vance

Day Five: ROCK CHICK: REVENGE  The story of Ava and Luke

Day Six: ROCK CHICK: RECKONING  The story of Stella and Mace

Day Seven: ROCK CHICK: REGRET  The story of Sadie and Hector

Day Eight: ROCK CHICK: REVOLUTION  The story of Ally and Ren

Thank you so much for watching! Please consider checking out this series!

Happy reading!